Rev. Eddie Jjumba

Senior Pastor

Rev. Jjumba is the senior pastor[volunteer] of Dominion Church International-Toronto. A husband of one wife and father of three. He is a Servant Leader, a reknown Christ-centered Bible teacher who speaks Biblical truth with love. He takes a pragmatic approach to preach the gospel, coined with humor and uncommon grace. He is passionate about finding the best in every human person and cultivating Unity in what he sees as a diverse global community. Like a beggar showing another beggar where to find bread, he is passionate about inviting people to cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and live a healthy life.
He is an integration psychotherapist who believes in healing all aspects of the human person [Body, Mind, Soul] as he relies on the transforming power of the True counsellor – The Holy Spirit. His practice is founded on the presumption that in God’s eyes, all persons are equal in value, worth and privilege.