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Our Vision is to nurture dedicated Christians who minister through The WORD, adhering to the authority of scripture in everything we do.

Our Mission is to infuse Love into your family, relationships, and the Community. We are privileged to pray with you, ensuring that God’s Joy, Peace, and Goodness flow into your life. We are honored to provide you with messages that rejuvenate God’s Love in your life and empower the Holy Spirit to guide you, leading you with His love.


WORSHIP and WITNESSING (Serving) our Homes, Congregation, Community, City, Country, and other Continents.

Dominion Church

A place where Love is Alive.

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Supporting the refugee crisis

Since its inception in 2002, Dominion Church International has stood as a sanctuary for thousands of African immigrant sisters and brothers, providing a beacon of hope for those grappling with adversity....

Many of the asylum seekers, left outside as different levels of government fought over funding for shelters, are now staying at churches in north Toronto. To support them, the coalition said it urgently needs more donations from the community and immediate help from the city, provincial and federal governments. Read More
Doreen Babirye Kisitu, a volunteer at Dominion Church International, gave a CBC reporter a brief tour of the accommodations for the asylum seekers. The church had about 80 people staying there on Friday. She is currently hosting four people in her home. 'We appreciate all of the donations that have been made,' she says. (CBC) Read More
We are grateful for donations. A lot of donations have been coming in. Pastor Eddie Jjumba, has been overseeing the makeshift refugee shelter at Dominion Church International, volunteers can't afford to buy food or services like garbage removal and cleaning we are looking forward to building a permanent shelter DONATE

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Welcome to Dominion Church International, Toronto Family

A place where Love is Alive.

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